Wedding video

Wedding is definitely one of the most important events in the family.

Why there is a need for wedding video anyway?

As usually photographer is always at the wedding taking photos, then videographer might not always be there. It depends very much on family traditions whether photo or video is preferred. Take your time and think twice about it as you cannot get the video sometime later. Maybe some example from portfolio page help you to make up your mind.

Who should make the wedding video?

Although we all have nowadays video camera in our pockets and making video seems to be very easy, then it makes sense to hire professional for recording you wedding video with proper equipment and experience. Your guests don’t need to walk around with their smartphones¬† and can enjoy the wedding party.

How much costs wedding video?

Every wedding is somewhat different and therefore wedding video is also different. There are many factors starting with season of the year, weather, location, time, length of the wedding, special requirements by the couple and therefore the amount of work of videographer on the wedding day.

The second stage – Video editing.
During video editing only the best parts of the raw video material are collected together. Good wedding video requires 20 to 80 hours of video editing work. Also sound of the video will get extra attention so that the result would be easy to listen. Background music and titles will be added as an extra spice.

The third stage – output to media

Trends of media consumption have changed a lot over the years. Content is more important than media carrier which used to be nicely designed DVD or Blu-ray disc. Nowadays couples prefer to get their video on USB stick which then can be connected to computer or smart TV for watching. This is also most cost effective solution.  Still it is possible to get your wedding video on DVD or Blu-ray disc.

For conclusion. Those three stages count the most on how much the wedding video will cost.

What is needed to make you an offer for wedding video?
  • date of wedding day in order to make sure the date is still available?
  • where the registration/ceremony will take place?
  • at what time will registration/ceremony begin?
  • what will happen after registration/ceremony?
  • where wedding party will take place?
  • at what time wedding party official part will end?
  • traditional longer wedding video or just short (3-5 min) Highlights clip or maybe both?
  • are there any extra requirements?

Wedding video prices in most of the cases between 500 – 1000 EUR.
For detailed price offer please feel free to contact. Let’s meet up and talk about all this in little more detail!